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Default CM 2011 - Calling for Volunteers!

Cruise Moab is the club’s event and we cannot pull off this world class event without your help. A little bit of your time goes a long way!

These are the general areas we need help with; please post which areas you can help with and I will get you on the schedule. If you submitted volunteer info with your registration, check back soon for your assigments.

More details the event gets closer…

Set-up - Tuesday

On Tuesday evening, we need help setting up the tech inspection tents, stuffing packets and unloading.

Sasha (Nattbyumpo)

Tech Inspection - See special thread


8-10 AM Trey
10 AM-12 PM Cindy M, Dee R
1- 3 PM Corie M. (Safari), Justin H. (Safari),
3-5 PM Kelly P (Safari)

Thursday 7-8 AM
Doug (DougDad)

Friday 7-8 AM

Dinner - Friday.
We need a total of 20 volunteers to cover both shifts. We need help selling raffle tickets and collecting meal tickets.

First Shift
Doug (DougDad)
J. Dills
Martin H
Keith R.

Second Shift

Scott (Jaderunner)
Steve P.
Timm B.

Event teardown - Sunday 8-10AM

We could use help loading the Rising Sun equipment.

Thanks to all volunteers!B]
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