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Default Hell's Revenge (no Hell's Gate, Hottubs, Escalator)

Hello All,
There has been some discussion about the Hell's Revenge trail runs for CM2011.. So let me try to clear up any confusion.

Starting last year (2010) we were informed that our BLM permit does not allow us to run Hell's Gate, The Hot Tubs (yes this means all of them), or the Escalator obstacles as part of our "official" CM2011 Hell's Revenge trail runs. (Please refer to the attached map provided by the BLM)

It is not just our event, but other permitees such as Easter Jeep Safari that are under this current limitation. This is due to the Environmental Impact Study the Permits are based on. We as a 4 wheel drive community need to make sure we continue to honor these limitations for the official CM2011 trail runs, to help us work toward getting them back as part of future "official" CM trail runs.

To be clear, these obstacles are not currently closed to individuals who run the trail on their own (from the beginning).

We ask that you please not run the trail with the "official CM2011 Trail run", with the intention of turning back to do these obstacles. If you want to do these obstacles, we ask that participants please leave the trail (all the way out to the parking area), and then go back as individuals from the start of the trail, to enjoy these obstacles.

Thank you all for your support !

Best Regards,
Neil (Cruise Moab 2011 Committee)
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