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Default VX3r vs. VX-7r

I have noticed a significant different in receiving capability, VX-3r to VX-7r. I have one of those longer Diamond antennas that greatly improves send/receive quality. I also have an antenna on my roof, a portable J-pole, point being I've tested this with a variety of antennas. Bottom line, the VX-3r does not receive as well as the VX-7r.

Can anyone explain this? I had been under the naive impression that their performance difference would be on the transmit end, since the 3 has so much less power. But I can screw the rubber duck to the 7, and the better Diamond to the 3, and the 7 hears the Colorado Connection repeater tone while the 3 just sits there. When I connect either my J-pole or homebrew roof antenna to the HT's, I consistently receive signal reports that the 7 is better... ok that makes sense but when they transmit back I hear the same thing. The Vx-3R does not receive as well as the VX-7r.

I still think the little 3 is a great portable trail/camp radio, and it has met every need I've come across in those situations. I'll continue to recommend it for a "second radio," once you've got a solid 2m mobile big in your truck. But I'm a little disappointed in its receive capability, compared to the VX-7r.
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