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Default Official 2006 Triple Bypass Report

Okay, just wanted to be the first to say a HUGE thank you! to all who attended and especially yet again to the Millers for organizing, leading and hosting the greatest camping/wheeling trip I've ever been on! For those of you who decided there were better things to do this weekend than the TBP, you missed out on a good one! And on a related note, those of you who decided there were better things to do than run the double triple bypass (another thread) you missed out too! Let's just put it this way: in the last 2 1/2 days (60 hours), I've been driving for almost 30 hours. There was no breakage, only one occasion where it got kinda hairy and we had to break out the winch, the weather changed from sunny to snowy and everything in between, but it all added up to one great weekend!

Anyway, the food was awesome, the group was awesome, the scenery was awesome, and for me it was the best thing I could have possibly done this weekend. Truly amazing, fantastic, memorable. My camera cannot download pics to my 'puter until I find a certain cd it needs, but for now I'll post up the route and route profile

BTW if anybody has pics of my truck (gray/silver FJ40 with 31x10.50 MT/Rs) and/or Ross' BJ74 could you send them to me

Here's the lineup: 15 trucks
3 40s (Matt (subzali), Martin, Bruce (Jethro))
1 60 (Bill)
1 BJ70 (Wes)
1 BJ74 (Ross Miller) (drool)
3 80s (Kevin (sno bored), Dan (Convert), Brian)
1 KJZ95 (Millers)
2 100s (LexusBen and Dave)
2 4runners (Brian and Heather and Andrea and Aaron????)
1 Tacoma (Tyler)

(sorry if I got the names/trucks wrong, anybody's welcome to correct me)
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Matt Miller
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1977 FJ40 2F "Brahma" + Lockright, tach, Warn 8274, FJ60 Power Steering, no more Sanden OBA (factory emissions), so Puma OBA
1996 FZJ80 1FZ-FE factory lockers + Safari intercooled turbo, Warn M12000, OEM CDL switch, cup holder, and hand throttle, Metric TLC leather, heated seats, JDM switches, Puma OBA
2000 Tundra Limited TRD 2UZ-FE SOLD

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