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Two young men are walking through the Ozarks when they come upon a hugh hole in the ground. Looking in the hole, they are unable to see the bottom.

First they try to drop a rock in the hole in order to hear it hit the bottom. They wait what seems like a few minutes and no sound of it hitting the bottom....

So they look around for something larger to throw into the hugh hole. They find an old transmission lying next to a stump and after struggling to pick it up, they manage to drop it into the hugh hole...

A few moments later, they step back from the edge of the hugh hole as a goat comes racing towards them very, very passes them and jumps right into the hugh hole...They look at each other and shake their heads, trying to understand why the goat running so fast, leaped right into the hugh hole.

After a few more minutes, an old farmer comes running towards them asking if they have seen a goat running by. The two young men look at each other, then at the farmer and tell him that the goat came flying by them and jumped straight into the hugh hole and disappeared.

The old farmer replied that, that's impossible, because I had that goat tied to an old transmission right over there by that stump...
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