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Found a 2001 with 98k miles for 15k. If I can negotiate a bit, and see maintenance records, this might be the one.

Going to see it today. From what I can tell on mud the 2000s built in 99 had the issues? Maybe they fixed it after May 2000?

The seller thinks this has the rear diff lock but I don't think they know what they are talking about. Probably only has the center diff lock (I am not really sure what that means or does)

I like A-trac and then if I put in an after market rear locker, I could basically have what the FJ has. Having both Atrac and rear locker is a nice combo.

If I get this and sell the FJ, I can afford a lift, second set of wheels, sliders from that Gucci Land cruiser store in Golden. Maybe skid plates..But that is about all I would be able to do off the bat.Would need to plan for front and rear bumpers.

What is the bolt pattern on the 100 wheels is is 5 or 6?

Melinda wants the proceeds from the potential FJC sale to lighten our financial load. Also have a potential pop-up purchase pending.

This is all part of a major vehicle/pop-up redo around here..

I still want to keep my FJC but hard to justify a 25K rig that really only works for me.
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