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Here's a second Thank You! Great trip!

Subzali described it well. Lots of wheeling, tons of great scenery, every kind of weather, great food and great people.

Here's a few pics:

The weekend started out with lots of rain and snow on the way to Taylor Park. Here's the top of Cottonwood Pass Friday night.

Bruce cracked the whip (just kidding Bruce) and had us up before the sun. This is the view from Dorchester prior to heading out.

We're off and running. Not a lot of time for photo ops, so lots of pics were taken with one arm hanging out the side while driving.

Hopefully someone took more photos of the fun part going UP the upper Reno Divide trail.

More great scenery heading up to Pearl Pass.

Near the top of Pearl Pass.

On the way down we had some snow and wind. The views on this side of Pearl are amazing, and the crazy weather made it interesting.

On our way to Taylor and along the ~BUMPY~ trail the changing Aspen trees were outstanding.

Back to camp and the feast that ensued.

Thanks again, it was great to meet and wheel with you all.

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