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Thanks for the heads up you guys...

Rust was my biggest fear.

All I know is the independent dealer said no rust, they get about 13 inches of snow a year on average and the car has been garaged..

Guess I will have to just see. I can get my deposit back if I want, if the car does not meet my standards.

Wondering about suspension lifts? And a second set of wheels? Looking to do the same as my FJC which is run tall and skinnys for Overland/around town and have the option to toss on the big meats..

I need to spend some dough before March 15...Cause I want to do the Kokopelli with it enroute to the trail leader training.

So looking into lift/front bumper/sliders/skids...yikes that will be spendy. Rear bumper is going to have to wait for this fall.
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