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Originally Posted by Chris sandstorm FJ View Post
Hey I just realized what your truck looks like. Saw your posts on Mud. I have seen your rig parked on Buchtel. We live a few blocks away.

My wife was driving that day you saw her driving.

Here is what I plan on doing before CM11....maybe not all this....haha

Ya I'm always over there, my buddies live there and another friend owns a restaurant on university.

Originally Posted by sleeoffroad View Post
Just a note, please look underneath or at least get photo's especially of the rear axle area etc etc to check for corrosion. A lot of times the trucks look awesome up top, but is a basket case underneath.

Not sure if St Louis is rust area, but better check before you spend your $'s.
The rear most body mount area especially, and the bottom of the 1/4s, like the other series guys chop off.
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