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Default Work project follow up

Mr. Treeroot and I did the Tuesday sneak today and headed up to Yankee Doodle Lake work site under the excuse of we needed follow up pics. If anyone has the opportunity next weekend to go up there go for it as the colors should be peaking out! Seeing how the project looks now the dust is settled makes me very proud to be part of it! The posts are solid, the fence line uniform and the whole project area is very professionally done! While we were there we put the winch anchor to the test also as I had my doubts the rock wouldn't crumble. I can now report that the achor not only held but I was able to drag my 80 about 20 feet uphill with all four tires sliding!!!!!!! Absolutely no signs of epoxy cracking or rocks crumbling! If you don't think that was really a test you don't have the whole scenario properly invisioned in your head! I doubt few of the trees in that area would have held that well! Root will add more when he wakes up and gets to work I'm sure. I have a short vid of Ricecake getting drug by the 12k winch and sliding all 4 but our gallery wont host it. I need to downsize it a tad.....

Long story short....

teaser pics....
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