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Well it really is nothing more then I jumped the gun on a less then sound rig.

As I think I have read, rust has a subjective level of existence..Colorado folks would say no rust and that would really mean no rust...Misourri folks might say no rust and that would mean the engine is still running and the body has only a few minor blemishes of rust...

I am indebted to Robbie and Barry for giving me their honest and educated evals.

Some things were also not adding up that I initially overlooked. The car was 11 years old and parts of the engine bay, break housings and a few parts of the interior showed the age. But...the front bumper was new, paint was very good (new?), hood did not align, radiator new but mounted with corroded bolts, bolts on right inner fender clean/new, bolts on left inner fender corroded..Over spray on inner fender aprons ( I should have caught that one..) and new steering wheel.

After having it checked out by Robbie, it all made sense. Car Fax does not always give the whole story. This thing had to have had a front end collision.

At the end of the day it was more about the rust and maintenance that would be needed and it didn't make sense to sell a perfectly built up FJC for a rust bucket.

Christo has been really helpful as well and between Christo and Tim's advice, I could have saved a lot of mod money and not gone to MO.. Thanks guys for the sound advice and next time I will listen!

I am not sure what our next step is at this point. I just detailed the FJC again and it is looking pretty clean, might just drive it for a while longer. I am not unhappy with the FJC at all, just trying to find a better fit for the entire family.

We will figure it out, sooner then later.
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