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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
Much to learn here. I read the manual 50 times, went back to the General study book.

I am not clear how much the RF gain should be, what the speech processor should be, I played with the filters (NAR 1.8 for SSB), and DNR, etc etc, but because I am not on the other side, I don't know what effect it all has on the receiving end.

I have to figure out the scan. I programmed it to scan only the 20M (14.150 - 14.350) so that works great. but the scan does not stop. It flies by the conversations. I can here a conversation comes into focus, and then it scan right by it. I have to stop it manual and go back. Which defeat the purpose of the scan.

It is daunting how much more complicated HF is compare to VHF/UHF.

I like it!
Nifty Guides are much more concise than the owners manual.
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