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The manual is not the problem. :-)
It is understanding what it means that I need help with.
Meaning: I know how to adjust the RF-Gain. But what does it mean?

The radio came with the RF-GAIN setup to the maximum (100).
The atmospheric noise was so loud, I almost went deft.
I adjusted it down to 80. Atmospheric is now better, but is that the best way to take that noise down?

Also, the squelch, unless almost at full does little to atmospheric noise. Unlike VHF/UHF it seems to not be as effective. It kills the stations AND the atmospheric.

So the above is ONE example. I have questions like that on almost any adjustments I can make, and there are so many, regardless what manual I am using.

It is not clear to me where exactly one learns about it, Unless one is allowed to bug DaveInDenver to death. :-)

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