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Many thanks for the quick replies.

I have the Extra license since November, hence 150 - 350.
My goal is to set the radio the best I can to specific scenario. It will be too complicated to ask questions on all the possibilities. I have a TS-480 with most of any adjustments in the book. Lets focus the helping on the following:

** I am using SSB USB on the 20M (140.150-350) with hamstick antenna and good SWR. I want to make the best out of this settings **

OK, squelch off, and use the RF-Gain.
At full gain my S meter currently where I park is reading S5 with just the noise. It does not move when I start the car.
I have Noise Blanker to deal with pulsing and the manual says to put it on when in mobile installation. I does take our the pulsing from the engine. There is no alternator whine.

I have noticed that as I take the gain down, at some point the S meter start going up.
The conversation I had were around S9. So should I gain it down until the S meter is on S9

96 LX450
Albany, NY

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