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Yes it is. I was just pointing out how close you were to the manual :-)

Armed with the new knowledge, out I went to the parking lot for hands on.

So if I bring the gain from 100 to 80, very little noise is suppressed and S meter changes very little called it S5
If I change it from 80 to 70 some noise is quite, S meter changes from S5 to S9. Problem is I get a lot of clear conversation in the S7 to S9 range and that will be lost.

So I can't gain it down significantly with out loosing weak, but clean conversation. hmmm.

If I take it to S9 (about 60 to 75 on my dial) I get significant noise reduction, actual nice and quite. Clear station is above S9 so that works but I couldn't find any QSO during the 5 minutes I had to play with it.

Can I reach Colorado on the 20M?

If the above make sense to you, than I think I got the picture.
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