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. Just like making a contact, I wanted to make sure I was heard.

My first seat-of-the-pants reaction from what you describe is that you haven't done enough noise abatement.

When I first installed my mobile rig in my 80, I figured if I could make contacts I didn't need to go any further. Then I really started to pay attention to the KBG website ( and his expansive knowledge about noise abatement. I wrapped the spark plug wires with the copper-clad Scotch tape, I bonded each door, hood, exhaust, ignition parts and tailgate piece with flat stainless bonding cloth (1" wide stuff with a grommet every 4" or so), checked to see if my diodes out of my alternator were leaking (supposedly a problem on many Toyota's) and put an inductive type mobile impedance matching unit from MFJ Enterprises as well as a matching coil at the base of the antenna. All of a sudden I started to see my noise level drop, and my ability to hear all stations went up.

The KBG website is technical in nature, but Alan is attempting to make things easier to understand with notes and stuff. I suggest taking a look, even though some in the club would argue that he has no idea of what he is talking about. Almost 30 years in this hobby says something. Take it for what its worth. But at least try a couple inexpensive things and see if it doesn't improve.

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