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This went QUICK, under a day!

This is a pretty good deal. I assume it's the older non-D model. The differences between the D and non-D are that the newer one includes the DSP board standard (this could be added to the older model) and the current model does 60 meters. They are otherwise identical AFAIK. This is unlike some changed models that include functional improvements (like the FT-817D has an improved power amp design, this is not a trivial change). Right now the FT-857D goes for about $850. The MH-59 mic is a nice upgrade, that's also worth about $50.

Ham/ Amateur Radio - $475 (Greeley, CO)

FT-857 ultra-compact HF/VHF/UHF Yaesu Transceiver with manual. Like new, non-smoking environment. Includes MH-59 DTMF Mic and power cord.

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