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As so many stated. I would never buy a 200 series and actually use it for what it is... there are better and more fuel efficient ways to get to the mountains nowadays. With a price tag that high, there is no way I would drive it offroad on more than fire roads for at least a bunch of years.

Also, what we have to remember is that comparing a 100 to a 200 is not a good example of the jump/change in price or quality. Compare the 60 to the later FZJ80s and you see the difference. Luxury became a priority for toyota to ship to the states. The 80s in the rest of the world came in much more cost effective and less luxurious trim levels. Heck, you can get a 100 in aussie with cloth seats and part time 4wd if IIRC.

In addition, a change will have to happen since the economic downturn, with no end in sight, has curtailed the amount people are willing to spend on a new truck, lengthened the time between upgrades, and made people more fuel wary. All of these things kill the SUV, let alone the Land Crusier/LX as a case in point.

I want a modern 40...
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