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I expect to get a spool of tin coated copper strap Monday and will work on bonding when I get it.

But to put things in perspective I can get a very strong signal from stations in Canada, Massachusetts. Basically 100 to 400 miles is no problem and they can hear me no problem including while driving. In fact this stations are so strong, I can RF gain down to 60%, eliminating the atmospheric almost completely and call it good. In fact, I can leave the RF gain at 100% and simply turn down the volume.

When I succesfully communicated with Florida, Alabama and Minesota again I did not have trouble at all and got a good signal report. I suspect these stations had a massive antenna and conditions were favorable.

The proximate stations were talking to remote stations. Yesterday I heard the Canadian talking to London and today a Canadian was talking to Honolulu.

I can only hear these London/Honolulo remote stations on 100% RF gain with up the volume. The white noise is quite loud but not painfully so. I doubt the remote stations can hear me.

I am just wondering. If I can get good communications 400 miles radius with just as installed, what am I after? I much more will I have to do and to gain what?

There is a difference in noise when the car is running and when the engine is off. But that engine noise is not a factor in understanding remote station since it is at the same noise level as the white noise. It is just different.

Your thoughts?
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