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The QSO's you make, rhyary, are interesting. Let's hear about more of them.

Sounds like a good time to read up on propagation and how our sunrise and sunset times (as well as sunrise and sunset for the DX op) affect propagation and the frequency we choose to work the DX we want.

If you really want to get serious about all this, get some MUF (maximum usable frequency) software. With that, you plug in the frequency and the DX station's QTH and your computer will tell you the time in GMT you need to be on the air to probably make a contact with that DX station. It's fun for a while until you find yourself up at 3:00AM to work that rare South Pacific island.

Given our poor sunspot numbers, I would expect that transequatorial propagation will have us reliably working mostly Caribbean and Central American stations.

Old timers will tell you if you can hear them, you can work them. What other QSO's have you made?

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