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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
Oh Gowad. You guys are relentless :-)

No, it was not with the engine running. Ran out side to the parking lot to test with engine running. No apparent difference with engine running or not. Same floor level. The only difference is that you hear the pulsing, but it does not change the floor noise.
LOL! Relentless.

If all you get is S3 with the engine running, that is 4-to-5 S-units lower than me. My truck is an EMI nightmare, the alternator diodes are 21 years old, the ignition overtakes a 50,000 watt commercial clear channel AM station and the CD player turns out not to need an FM adapter... Hams a block away hate me, but I still like my rolling tetanus, radio-black-out experiment! :-)
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