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Default Trying to wire an ext mic into an old handheld CB

Don't know if this is more trouble than it is worth but here it goes. I have a close to 20 year old Realistic handheld CB with no ext mic connector. It works fine for trail rides but it would be nice to have an external mic.

I took the radio apart and found the ppt button activates a 3-pole micro switch. Pole 1 is black, I'm guessing is ground and there is a g next to the pole. The second, middle pole has one wire and has NO stamped next to it, normally open, I would guess. The third pole has one wire and is stamped NC, for normally closed, I'm guessing. The internal mic has 2 wires, a black and a white, that go into the circuit board. On the micro switch it is difficult to trace the wires into the circuit board.

I found this

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Pin 1 = Ground / Shield

Pin 2 = Modulation

Pin 3 = Transmit (TX)

Pin 4 = Receive (RX)

Can anyone give guidance on a mic and the connections to make?
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