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Default On to 40M antenna

So last night I mounted the 40M hamstick.
I am now getting in to Groucho territory. My noise level sits at S5 now.

The SWR is 1.5 around 7.200 and gets up to 2 around the 7.150. It also get up to 2 when I get up to 7.3. I have work with antenna tuner to see if I can get it better by just adjusting the whip length.

So if I am getting S5 on the 40M, would that be the equivalent of S3 on the 20M?

Does the 40M shows me better the need to do more bonding?

I got the 40M to try night time RF, but I was able to QSO with Wisconsin and Maryland this morning on the way to work.
Wisconsin gave me 5-9+20 and Maryland was 5-7.

Noise is significantly more present than the 20M.

Dave, I do plan to read your efficiency post, primarily to understand the kind of things that bug you :-)
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