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Well, I have to say you need to drive one. I agree that they don't look as burly as a built 80 or 100, but it's the nicest driving rig I have ever been in. We have had 4 4runners, first one being an '86. We have also had 4 cruisers, 2 40's, and 2 55's. We still have the fj40.5 (Julius).
always wanted a daily driver cruiser, and I could not talk her into a perfectly restored, all bells and whistles included fj55
We ended up buying an '08 loaded to the hilt in February '09. We bought it in Durango as a dealer demo with 13k on the clock, and saved almost 20k (sticker was over 73k) and she is very happy with it. I just wish we could get the arctic truck conversion and run 35's
Btw, they have a 2011 on the lot right now.

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