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Default Home Grounding

With the talk of vehicle bonding, I'd like to talk about bonding of a different sort at home. I'm finally getting time to finish some installations at home and while it's been in the back of mind I haven't done a good job engineering a grounding solution thus far.

So what are you guys doing for your single point ground and lightning suppression?

My question most revolves around where the lightning path is located and is it your station ground as well? I'm torn between hanging a box on the wall outside to put the arrestors and have a second plate inside for the single point ground or to share these two functions on one plate mounted right on the inside side of the coax entry.

From a safety standpoint, the outside/inside solution is better, but this means I can create ground loops much easier. When I think about it performance-wise, I start to convince myself that a single ground plate with the arrestors and single point ground is better.

I have not checked the NEC or local codes, so the decision might already be made if the NEC says that lightning arrestors cannot be mounted inside the dwelling. I have a feel that it does not specify, though.

I am also thinking of getting a couple of nice, old knife switches and putting them as close as I can to the antenna feedpoints and just hard grounding the antennas (I already physically disconnect the radio feeds) as storms pass overhead. That would not substitute for the inline arrestors, which are mostly to dissipate close-in energy and static. Those little suppressors aren't going to survive a direct lightning strike anyway.
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