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I am interested in this topic, Dave.

I am interested in the topic for:

1: Safety
A: Lightning
B: Electric Shock
C: Radio Frequency Energy

2: NEC code concerns

3: Thrift. (I don't want to buy/do more than I need to to meet the above)

I understand that we live in HOUSES and not wireless telecomunication huts. There will have to be compromises.

Number 1A concern for me is lightning protection for people and structure.

I understand the desire to ground everything together so that voltages come up and fall back down together. The smaller the voltage difference, the less current that actually flows. As my friend Tyler sings in his local geek rock band, "The Bluebird Equation" as part of a tribute song to Nicoli Tesla, "Amplitude not voltage will burn you down."

There is a ton of "information" both good and bad out there to sift through. As with most things, I have to filter the information using my personal experiences. For lightning, I have a few. The neighbor's chimney got hit and exploded. The flying bricks dented the siding on my parent's house a good 10 feet away. A tree at the cottage got hit in the front yard. It blew the bark off the trunk in a spiral all the way to the ground. Tree died. Next door, two trees got hit in a different storm. Trees fell down. 4 cottages up was hit by lightning. Burned to the ground. My cousin and I saw a bolt hit the water in the cove 2 cottages down. lit up the water in the cove, killed some small fish and wow was it loud.

So yeah, I've been close to lightning and it is totally destructive. What can I do to minimize the risk/impact of a lightning strike?

It looks like just as much damage comes from power, phone, and cable TV lightning hits as direct strikes to people's antenna systems. So protecting the house power, phone and cable TV might be equally important to protecting the antenna system?
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