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Testing complete:

I still don't know the MAXIMUM distance you can have the faceplate from the radio, but it is more than 100' if you use plain old CAT6, 23 AWG UTP cable with RJ-11 ends wired up in the modern USOC cable standard with the brown pair just left hanging there unterminated.

I placed the coil of 100' of wire on the seat, placed my mobile phone on top of the pile, and even moved the phone to the middle. I never saw the radio faceplate do anything weird. All of the buttons seemed to work fine. The brightness of the backlight looked the same too. I heard k0nl on the 144.670 repeater unable to raise the party he was looking for, so I keyed up and requested a signal report including voice modulation. Report was very clear audio. no weak audio.

There is a chance that I saw elevated noise levels with the 100' of wire coiled on the seat, but I'm not sure. It seems like I had to make a squelch adjustment, but then I wound up using the radio with the squelch back in it's usual position of about the middle.

The noise difference on my cable tester showed an average of .02 mV difference in USOC vs. 568B wiring standards on the same cable in case anyone was wondering. I chose USOC because it is the telecom standard for 6 wire RJ-11 connectors like those used on the Yaesu faceplate connection. I didn't want to confuse anyone if the cable got reused someplace. I suspect I could get lower noise levels if I used a modified 568B with the blue pair left out.

I guess this means Bruce is right. As expected.

By the way, I love saying USOC. "You sock! And your structured wiring 'round here socks too!"

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