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Default Ft-7100

I've been scanning the auction sites for an FT-3000 (hi-po, tx 2m, extended rec.). After a long drought, several have been listed and the prices keep going beyond $150. Meh.

Then Monday on a swap reflector I watch, an FT-7100 was listed for $125. Dual band w/dual inband receive. It arrived today. No mobile mounting bracket. Does anyone have an MMB36 or MMB60 they aren't using? It looks like the 1900/7800/7900/8100/8500/8800/8900 radios also use this size bracket. Does not have to be pretty as I'm going to be remoting it.

The ADMS is on floppy and no cable. Does anyone have the cable and software from RTSystems for it? This would be the USB to 6-pin mini din cable (USB-29B):
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