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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Actually the opposite. The runners meet in town at 08:00, where they get on shuttle buses. The buses then drive 11 miles up the canyon, 128, towards Onion Creek.. where they start running back towards town. By 11:00 the early runners are hitting town, by noon it's pretty busy between the bridge and Moab Cyclery.. it all clears out by 3:00 or so. Your only real potential for delay is if you want to drive through town between 10:00 and 2:00.

Moab Marathon - Saturday March 19, 2011
Half Marathon Start: 10:00 am
Five Mile Start: 9:30 am

Half Marathon Start shuttle vehicles load between 7:30 and 8:15 am on the south side of Swanny City Park along Park Drive. Five Mile Start shuttle vehicles load between 7:30 AM and 8:15 AM in front of the Helen M. Knight School located at 400 N and 100 W, adjacent to the finish line.

The Half Marathon course starts approximately 11 miles up Hwy 128 from Moab, just after Take Out Beach on the Colorado River. The course follows the river to Hwy 191, then turns east and heads to the finish at Swanny City Park in downtown Moab. The Five Mile course follows the last 5 miles of the Half Marathon course; the two races share a finish line.

Hwy 128-from Hwy 191 to mile marker 12-is closed to traffic from 8 am to 1 pm.
Runners still on Hwy 128 after 12:30 pm are required to catch a ride in the sweep vehicle.
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