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Originally Posted by FJBRADY View Post
Broken tie rod end. Trail fix held all the way back out....nice inginuity Farnham.

Couple things I learned. The town of Moab does not carry a lot of old 40 parts and the Napa in town closes at 4pm on Saturday.

Rode bizotch the rest of the trip.

Have pictures to post up but I was beat after drinking with Cheeseman till the wee hours each night "ya no"

Always a great time.

Big thanks to everyone who assisted, provided shelter, provided a passenger seat, cigar, timely beer when the cooler was too far away, good stories and laughs.

Randy you were definately missed around the camp fire each night....instead of passing whiskey around there was bag of peanuts circulating
Shoot, I've got a tie rod end on a set of older fj40 parts axles sitting here.

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