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Great trip. Wheelin' hard with friends all Day. Camping and enjoying drinks by the fire. That makes for a good Moab trip.

Friday we did Cliff Hanger. It seemed about the same in difficulty. The first obstacle coming out of the creek gave Brady and I trouble. We had to stack rocks to get up. Then Tom couldn’t “get it up” into 4wd with his man size axles. So he politely turned around and managed to get back out in 2wd to work on it. Then a few minutes later Brady broke his tie rod for no apparent reason. It must have been stressed from a prior obstacle. We radioed Tom to get parts from town. Who radioed Perry who was on another trail. There was a problem with the communication at some point and Perry got an 80 series tie rod joint I believe. Then after all that we had a trail fix completed thanks to Brady, Farnham, Corbet and my killer Gorilla Duct Tape. Ut poor Brady was done wheelin’ for the weekend. Farnham and I completed the trail and got back up the big step cliff hanger obstacle cleanly. I hugged the wall getting up so closely that I got some major rock rash on my front fender flare. But, it’s intact so that’s all that matters. I ran Hells Gate after we completed the run as a bonus.

Rudy held a drivers by the camp fire Friday and Sat. We some great discussion and ideas. As well as planning trails to lead at CM and what that plan was for the next day.

The next day 4 groups ran about 4 trails I believe. I talked Cheeseman into running Golden Spike with me and then got Rudy to go with us the next morning. That trail was “peak fun” with just the 3 of us. We had no issues and were able to explore a little. My new KM2 tires were gripping like crazy and with my front locker working correctly this time I was having fun. I heard Cheese complaining about needing new tires already. Rudy and I explored “Little Canyon” near the end of Gold Bar on the way out.

After another nightly driver meeting everyone was having big fun. Rudy, Dan and I did a night run on BFE. Dan wisely turned around before we dropped down into the grip of area BFE. We had some fun on the radio to the group by the fire. Then Rudy dropped down into a mean obstacle and leaned and squeezed down through. I remembered that section and managed to avoid it. From there were able to finally find our way out.

Commander Schlegs cooked us all breakfast burritos before taking off. Then Dan M. took us to Dome Plateau on the way home. I was tired and bailed out early down the Kopepelli and back to I-70. I noticed my rear axle was leaking gear oil slightly when airing up. You gotta pay to play.
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