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You buy a Land Cruiser for reliability, yet you do not want to spend the money to replace a joint that lasts 200k miles easily. That is 0.006c per mile of use. I don't get it.

Newfields are sold by CV Unlimited. The stock replacements ones are considered for light duty use in stock trucks. Not sure of the origin, but somewhere out east. Chromoly ones are not for daily driving. Does not matter if they come from CV unlimited (who has them), Carl (JT Diffs) or Bobby Long. Any of those will not last in a DD application.

For DD application and oversize tires plus wheeling, factory Toyota is really the only option.

Think about why you own a land Cruiser before you throw parts at it that is not suited for your application. We sell all three kinds, but with proper edumecation so the customer knows what he should use.
Christo Slee
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