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Default Ham things learned at the CM2011 pre-run

1: I can usually talk to everyone on the trail while running low power. 5 watts is plenty.

2: Leave a gap in time between transmissions. Example: Two guys are commenting back and forth about IFS vs. live front axle. A third party may really want to get on the frequency to ask for help with a truck that is about to roll off a cliff but he can't get a word in edgewise. Leave a space between transmissions for other traffic.

3: 50 watts and a fair antenna will get you from I-70 to Area BFE at least some of the time. The antenna situation seems to have a lot more to do with range than the power output.

4: The Moab 090 repeater actually DOES work, but we were never able to use it in a situation where we could not just use a simplex frequency.
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