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Mr. Rock Dog has the 8900... 8800's here, one of them has the full upload from DaveinDenver, the other I have just been saving stuff as it comes up..

IMNSHO, I actually like the latter interface a lot better, only about 10 things saved, total, both sides- I mean it's neat to have every repeater in the free world already in the radio, but all I really want is the CC network, CRA network, and a couple others.. I figure when I get outside my normal territory I can open up the repeater directory. And it's pretty easy to type 146.460 on the hand set, I don't need to search for that simplex memory, it's not like I'm going to forget the frequency. In the 80 the 145.310 repeater is up at memory 204 or something, and the 145.145 down at 100 or so.. in the 100 I think .145 is #2 and .310 is #4. I never use most of the stuff in between.. just my
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