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Default Slaughterhouse Gulch

Well we just got back from running my maiden voyage on the 40. we went up to Slaughterhouse Gulch, weather was great. We ran it in the counter clockwise direction (I think normal), the first steep downhill had some solid ice spots we were able to stay to the edge of the trail and maintain traction down this area. The rest of the trail was quite clear with the exception of a few snowy spots and a little ice, the mud was not bad at all. The climb out of the meadow at the bottom was LOTS of fun, got a chance to check out lockers, front and rear, Low/Low was a blast, it can really CRAWL... did not take a lot of pics but here are a few... My friend Rick drove his full size Dodge, he did a GREAT job!! We had a great time and no broken parts, everything went really well..

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