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Originally Posted by bh4rnnr View Post
Though i've posted pics of rock art sites and ruins before (on fbook and here), i'm a bit hesitent with this info being so public, I.E how to get to them etc.

Stopping at the the big rock near Kane Creek and Cliff Hanger this year and seeing the Federal Notice sign (never seen it before) gives me reason for such hesitence.

I guess the counter balance to my argument could be that well: "the information is out there". And I guess I should ask my self: do you have the right to protect these sites when the history you love makes there marks on them? I.E: Joe Biddlecomb in Horse Shoe Canyon.

I found these Kane Creek Blvd. sites from the Moab visitor center brochure, so, not very secret. I'm impressed how nice the boulder site is (I knew that one before) given that it has no fences. Heck, even that site in central WY where probably 3 people a year go had fences.
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