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I told Mark that I was a friend of Matt Ralston and that was all he needed to here!

It wheeled great, in spite of the driver....

A-trac kicks in great, so that was a relief. Clearence was great and actually seemed a bit less tippy then the FJC.. Have not investigated but has to have a slightly longer wheel base. Lifted and with aftermarket rack, it also fits into the garage.

Really nice to have windows, leather, sun roof, more space....I loved my FJC but it is easy to upgrade to a 4th gen and such a nicer vehicle. I will just wheel open for a while..

I am getting 21 mpg right now with the bigger tires also! With fridge and rack on top, so that is a major plus...

I know there is no perfect rig but this is pretty close to spot on for me!
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