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Dear Rep. DeGette,

I write to you this morning to ask that you vote NO on HR 607. I am particularly concerned that this bill reallocates very important frequency spectrum from the Amateur Radio Service bands. As an avid ham radio enthusiast, I find this unacceptable.

In Colorado, we use these frequencies for many purposes beyond simple two-way conversation. The impacted frequencies are very widely used for communications in remote backcountry areas and by ham clubs assisting with communications during large events such as the MS150 and other organized bicycle events, marathons and the like. These frequencies are heavily used as part of the volunteer amateur radio emergency services called ARES and RACES. This reallocation also impacts the frequencies used by amateur television that have no alternative spectrum elsewhere.

Ham radio is a hobby with long traditions of cooperation, inclusiveness and education in important communication and technical skills that we as a society must encourage. So I urge you to please vote NO on HR 607.

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