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I'd worried about the freebanding. The statement that it was done 'professionally' implies that it was modified via soldering iron. These radios supported MARS/CAP software configurations and so there is no reason to do this inside by removing resistors.

Not to harp that it's illegal, but freebanding HTs is mostly done to allow them to talk on FRS and most ham antennas have too narrow bandwidth for this. It's not hard at all to harm your radio TX'ing at FRS frequencies with a 70cm ham antenna. Being that it is 100% against the rules to use removable antennas on FRS radios of any type (even legal ones must have fixed antennas), there exists no commercial options that allow this safely...

Yaesu VX-5R HT ham radio - triple-bander - $150 (Denver)

Yaesu VX-5R Triple-band Heavy Duty FM Transceiver 50/144/430 Mhz
This is a nice radio in mint condition w/ all original packaging, manuals etc.
- less than 20 hours of actual use!
- Receives on the followings bands: Weather band, AM air-traffic control, AM radio, FM Radio, BC band, SW band, TV bands VHF & UHF, 50 Mhz ham, 144 Mhz ham, 430 Mhz ham band, Action Band 1 (222 – 420 Mhz) Action Band 2 (800 – 999Mhz).
- It’s a small, light-weight, fully programmable, 5W output hand-talkie (HT) ham radio that does it all!

-Rugged Diecast Aluminum Construction
-Full 5W PerformanceTribander
-High-Capacity, High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
-Extensive Battery Conservation Features
-Wide-band receiver
-Smart Search
-Versatile Scanning Options
-Dot Matrix LCD
-Extensive Memory System with Alphanumeric Labels
-CTCSS and DCS Encoder/Decoders
-Satellite Operation
-Automatic Repeater Shift
-Computer Interface
-Busy Channel Lock Out
- Professionally modified for “Freeband” operation, radio has been unlocked to allow for out-of-band transmission

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