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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
So it seems like using something out of band would be a really bad Idea.... I am assuming these folks don't announce their call signs?
Remember the rules, that equipment for ham is not allowed use outside of ham bands. The term is 'type approved' and is the case for all types, FCC Part 97 defines amateur service, Part 95 defines personal communication (CB, FRS, etc), Part 87 is aviation, Part 90 business radios, Part 80 maritime radios.

Each service has defining rules. For example freebanded HTs used for FRS violate Part 95 rules on at least two points. A legal FRS unit cannot have been modified from its original factory configuration and it cannot have a detachable antenna.

Ham is unique in that radios for all the other services can be 100% legally modified and used for amateur service. This the /only/ service that allows doing this and if you want to go the other way you have to either be an OEM radio company or hold a GROL for the FCC to recognize your authority to approve or re-approve the radio for the non-Part 97 use again. In some cases it is /never/ possible to get the ham-used gear back for its original type. FRS is one case that AFAIK once the factory seal is broken the radio can never be used for FRS in the future.

Yes, I would think using your call sign doing something against the FCC rules would be unwise. Which, BTW, is a good point. When you are doing other services, the requirements for ham don't necessarily apply. Like using your ham call sign is not necessary and actually discouraged on CB. Also just because you are ham doesn't mean you can apply those rules to other services. Like you are still limited to 4W carrier on CB on 11m regardless that you can use 1,500W when operating as a general on your HF rig at 10m or 12m on either side of CB.
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