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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
I like the design, although I wish it was tighter to the roofline (i.e., have to delete the stock rack). How's it sound with the sunroof open?
I took the factory rack off today. I was blessed, it simply unscrewed and the rust is minimal. I'll plug the holes with some stainless bolts and sealant, hit it all with some paint and call it good for now.

Rack looks better now. I left the factory roof strips on. There is about 3/4 inch between them and the Gobi. It looks good, but I think it wold look better closer to the roof. There is no flexi in the rack so I think you could lower it an inch and remove the factory strips.

I also found a garage downtown I can park in. Clearance is stated at 7'2". I did not verify the height of that clearance bar, but it is 4.5 inches from the rack, which would put my height at 81.5 inches. the Hi-list is actually 2" taller.
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