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Default bang! and gears

Bill: Lots-o-work, eh? Well, I rebuilt my diff 2x this weekend. Arg. I know the out/in/out/in routine pretty well.

Lack of redchilli II maintenance..yeah right. I was even going to add a little thing on the end of my turbine whine/whistle post that says, "except Bill, whom I KNOW would take it all apart again and start over, this time following the FSM to the letter, then re-fill untested diff with high buck synthetic red line 85/140 gear oil."

Anyway, bang or no bang it sounds like it was a worthy trip into the smelly diff.

The pinion is currently at .063 and COULD MAYBE go to .065 for that competion pattern look, but I was pretty close at .065

Some things I need to record for other setting up their own gears will be on another post.
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