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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Hey I think I know that answer... it means you can't rock out to two VHF frequencies at the same time, or two UHF frequencies.. has to be one of each. That would be a deal killer for me, I'm always on 2 2m channels (VHF) on the 8800, usually one repeater one simplex, but in Moab two simplex. If that were the case with the Icom, I'd pass..
I dunno about it being a deal breaker, but you are correct that the IC-2800H is not dual band, dual tune in the same way as a FT-8800. It is like a FT-7800 that allows you to see and use both VHF and UHF at the same time. It's literally two radios, one is a 2m and the other a 70cm, in a single case. This limitation is probably why the IC-2800 was replaced very soon after with the IC-2820, which does V/V (and is $600).

Compared to a single VFO, dual band radio like a FT-7900 the display is /much/ nicer. And since it has this ugly duckling reputation (ICOM only sold it for a year or two) I'm willing to bet he'd take less than $250, which when you think about it isn't a bad price. A new FT-7900 is $275, a new TM-V71 is $350, IC-208 is $350. These are all 2m and 70cm radios, but you can only select one band OR the other for display and TX. So even if you never, ever use the 70cm side it's still potentially cheaper, but at least you could hear FRS without impacting the main VHF side, something that the FT-7900 et al could not do.

FWIW, many repeaters here in Denver have both a 2m and a 70cm input option...

As comparison, the cheapest way to do dual VFO, dual band is the DR-635 at $400, the FT-8800 is at $425, the TM-D710 is $550. I guess you have to decide if you really need V/V and if so, then the IC-2800 does not work. Otherwise, if you are looking for a dual band radio but don't need the dual flexible VFO (it does have two VFOs, just that they are not both VHF and UHF capable), then this might be among the best ever offered.

EDIT: Here's a used dual band V/V radio, which is $125 higher asking than the Icom. It also has the TNC for APRS built-in.

Kenwood TM-D700A dual band ham radio - $375 (Franktown)
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