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Default ATTENTION all Leaders and Gunners!

We are getting close to being ready for Cruise Moab, now we just need to finalize the trailer leaders and gunners assignments. I need everyone who is going to be a leader or gunner this year, or who is interested in being a leader or gunner this year to email me ASAP.
If you have already talked to me or Rudy or Neil about trails this year, let me know that in the email. If you are new to leading trails at Cruise Moab, or are interested in leading other trails, please let me know what trails you know well, your leadership experience, if you have been to our leader training runs, etc etc etc. I would like to get the trail leader assignments done soon, so please email me as soon as you can. I will be emailing everyone who has led in the past as well, and Rudy will be mentioning at the meeting tonight that we still need trail leaders. You can also call me if needed xxx xxx xxxx

Thanks!! Can't wait to see everyone at Moab! And a huge THANKS to all our volunteers that make this event the best!

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