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Originally Posted by xodeuce View Post
The TM-V71A and TM-D710 are the same radio with different displays. You can buy the RC-D710 head and convert a TM-V71A into a TM-D710. That said, the TM-V71A is still capable of VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF, or UHF/UHF simultaneously. It will also do cross band repeat from VFO-A to VFO-B when they're on different bands. The only thing you gain with the D710 is the TNC in the head to do APRS really easily.
You are correct, that is my mistake. The TM-V71A is a dual band, dual VFO like the FT-8800.

What I don't see is how there is a market for the RC-D710.

TM-D710A is $550
TM-V71A is $375
RC-D710 is $350

So it costs $175 more to adapt a TM-V71A using the RC-D710 than to just buy a TM-D710. If you did already have a TM-V71, it would be much cheaper to just TinyTrak which gets you the TNC as well as the GPS for $130.
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