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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
You are correct, that is my mistake. The TM-V71A is a dual band, dual VFO like the FT-8800.

What I don't see is how there is a market for the RC-D710.

TM-D710A is $550
TM-V71A is $375
RC-D710 is $350

So it costs $175 more to adapt a TM-V71A using the RC-D710 than to just buy a TM-D710. If you did already have a TM-V71, it would be much cheaper to just TinyTrak which gets you the TNC as well as the GPS for $130.
Yeah. I'm not really sure what Kenwood was thinking on that one...

I really like the display on the 710, but that's not nearly enough reason to make me want to shell out $350 to convert my 71. Not to mention it wouldn't fit where I have the head mounted at the moment.
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