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Uncle Ben can I borrow your backup set of Thornbirds until my next paycheck? I know you hoard those.. and the good ones too, with the old tread pattern.

Corey not sure on mileage on the Dura Tracs, they're still relatively new.. from what I've heard 30-40k is about expected. But yes I hear ice performance is sweet, which usually = soft and not lasting, which isn't always a bad thing. The few sets I've seen in parking lots I always double take on..

Farnham I ran 295's on my 80 with stock gears and didn't like it. Downhill was like Mach 10 in 2nd gear, I was always running up on the truck ahead of me. And off the line was slower than 285's, and I'm not sure I'd notice the extra .150" of height. Now if I were to regear it would be another story, but that ain't happening this year.

And I've looked at the NTG's as well, yes they are proven but you guys both have them, I need something different don't I? if only they would bring out the Trail Grappler in the 285 75 16 size, I'd go for those for sure. they make them for the 18" rim but I want to go back to 16's for the increased sidewalls, more tire availability, stockness, and swapability between the 80. Here are the trails:

edit: what about the Hankook Dynapro MT. It just won 4Wheeler's 10 Tire Shootout..

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