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Originally Posted by leiniesred View Post
Some of our trail frequencies we have used in previous years on simplex fall outside of the US band plan for 2 meter simplex.

Should we change our frequencies so that all of them fall into the 2 meter US band plan? Maybe it is a bad idea because some folks already have trails programmed from previous years? Maybe not because we're talkin' simplex here. set it and forget it.

Keep in mind that Utah does not observe all of the ARRL/FCC approved band plans for VHF. See for info. They state on the webpage that:
It is important to remember that the implementation of this bandplan by the Utah Frequency Coordinator does, in effect, supercede, the ARRL national bandplan.

...Even if other bandplan information (such as the ARRL national bandplan) shows a frequency segment as being available for simplex operation, please check the Utah Bandplan to make sure that such operations can be accomodated without causing interference to coordinated users.

...Only those frequencies specified in the Utah bandplan as being available for simplex operations should be used as such...

...each geographical area has specific frequency coordination needs based on geography and population distribution.
They use 20 KHz channel spacing on 2 meters. When Dave and I first looked at this issue, I thought we did a pretty thorough investigation on the subject. Then we did the trail frequency assignments according to the Utah VHF band plan. See to find the specific simplex allocations for the 2-Meter band in Utah.

If after you read that page you in fact find that I was in error about where the simplex frequencies will not be appropriate for the Utah VHF 2-meter band plan, please let me know(just FYI for me) and they should be changed (By the CM committee).
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