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Default Brand New Rig, do we need to change/drop trails?

Some background before our questions. When we registered in January, we had an FJ Cruiser with sliders. Just two days ago, we traded it in on a Tacoma 4x4 Crew Cab. We went from a 105.9 wheelbase with an overall length of 183 to a whopping 127 in. wheelbase and length of 208.
Biggie? We will not be able to have any sliders installed before we leave for Moab.

We are novice wheelers looking forward to meeting you all, helping out and enjoying the scenery.

Understanding that sh** happens just driving down the boulevard, we'd still like to keep her looking as new as possible.

Oh, my questions, given the above info.:
1. Should we request a change to our trail assignments? Thurs:We requested Chicken Corners(no problem), Fri: Fins & Things, Sat: Sevenmile Rim.
2. If any of these runs are a problem for our stock truck, what alternatives do you suggest?

Thanks for your help.
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