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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
IF I read that correctly that's only for the wasatch front

For the purposes of this document, the "Wasatch Front" area includes: Davis, Weber, Box Elder, Salt Lake, Utah, Morgan, Tooele, Cache and Summit counties.
Originally Posted by leiniesred View Post
Thanks, Groucho. I noticed that myself. I also noticed the same thing Wes has noticed. Moab area may not be affected. So, I posted up here for input from the experts.

I need to add more simplex frequencies to cover the additional trails we are running. Things like the kokopelli trip, 7 mile and area BFE.

I'll see if I can get some input from a coordinator in Utah too. Moab isn't exactly a hotbed of 2 meter activity, and we can always change frequencies if we find a frequency already in use, but just like you and Dave, I want to TRY to do the right thing!

<<EDIT 11:55am>>
I also sent a note to John Lloyd, a frequency coordinator in Utah requesting information about the 20 or 15 Mhz question.
It would behoove CM 2011 to have a committee member contact John Mabey, W7CWK to clarify if anyone is concerned with the accuracy of the trail frequencies and being able to be used for simplex.

I am just going by memory from 2-3 CM events back when I was asked by the CM committee to compile the Amateur frequencies for trails. I still have my spreadsheet that I did, but that task mixed with the last year potential for a club repeater presentation has clouded my brain with what details apply to either situation.

AFAIK, Utah uses 20KHz splits between steps on the 2-Meter band for simplex operations. The frequencies listed on the page Wes quoted simply give us the information of what Utah uses as simplex frequencies with 20KHz steps. Officially the page denotes ARES and RACES and other emergency groups set simplex frequencies. If someone was to try and use 15KHz splits in Utah, there is a potential for operating 5-10KHz away from a set frequency for Utah, which would cause QRM. The likelihood of this is miniscule, but we wanted to be as close to proper as possible.

My recommendation with regards to "running out" of simplex frequencies for trails would be to double up frequencies (which I think we already did) for runs which are geographically far away from each other. Examples would be elephant hill and wipe out hill. They theoretically could share frequencies and not bother each other, especially if QRP is followed while grouped up on the trail. The only real reason to use QRO while on the trail is to call for emergencies, or back to camp, which would be done on the CM Base frequency of 146.460, eliminating the possibility of trail comms walking over each other.

My , but I'm more than happy to review things if need be. The amount of traffic on simplex freq outside the national calling frequencies is extremely rare, so this is really a mute point, but we thought it was necessary to run a top notch event like CM.
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